More and more families have solar panels. Yet there are still a lot of families who are in doubt and the government is not always the most steadfast party … Yet solar panels still have many advantages . We have already listed 3 important ones. Don’t hesitate, do it! 


Reason 1: Save heavily on your energy bill through solar panels 


You can make substantial savings on your energy bill by using and choosing the cheapest energy supplier, but solar panels can also save you a lot on your energy bill. Savings of up to 900 euros are possible every year. Naturally, the location of your roof and the number of solar panels play an important role. Within 10 years your investment will therefore be paid back double. After that, all the energy you generate is pure profit. Calculate your saving! 


Reason 2: You go for sustainability


Solar panels are a sustainable way to generate energy. You put aside fossil fuels and you resolutely opt for an ecological way of generating energy. If everyone has that reflex, things are going in the right direction. Sun is all you need: more ecological is impossible


Reason 3: Solar panels function independently of your energy supplier


Do you not like to be dependent on your energy supplier? Know that you work with solar panels independently of an intermediary. So rising energy prices have no impact on your wallet. 


Not ready for solar panels yet? 


Do you continue to have doubts about solar panels or do you simply not have a roof available? Know that you can often save a lot by switching from an energy supplier. Savings up to hundreds of euros are possible, simply by comparing the rates on . It’s free and switching is very easy. Why wouldn’t you do it?