If you have solar panels installed on a different roof, you can still not see the proceeds settled on your own invoice . However, this was promised in 2018 by former Flemish energy minister Bart Tommelein. Given the upcoming elections, this does not seem to change quickly. Solar sharing remains a dead letter.

Solar sharing solution if solar panels cannot

Through  solar share  was who live in apartment buildings or with a suitable roof is still investing in solar panels on public buildings, factory buildings and sports complexes. That way they could still print their energy bill . To date, this plan has remained a dead letter.

For a family with average use, solar sharing could yield a lot, even if a small rental price has to be paid to the owner of the load-bearing roof. Certainly if energy prices continue to rise. In a previously proposed solar plan, the intention was to generate 3,700 megawatts of solar energy by 2020. We are currently on a revenue that is between 2,750 and 3,000 megawatts and we are not going to achieve the targets at the current pace of development.

Insufficient use of potential solar panels

We are currently not making sufficient use of the potential of solar panels. It is mainly private individuals with homes that enter the system, but large companies and stores are lagging behind. However, that is where the biggest profit lies. A third-party payment system such as solar parts could remedy this. Then the companies and stores must of course be able to see the difference on their energy bill.

Solar parts currently not financially interesting

However, it currently appears that solar parts are not financially feasible. Access to the electricity grid is too expensive, the solar panels must also be used effectively and smart energy meters are necessary.

Distribution system operator Fluvius therefore set up a virtual solar sharing project at the end of 2018 to draw up a workable model, but the results will only be announced within a few weeks. A solution is therefore impossible during this legislature. Whether solar parts will really break pots in the future is questionable.

Do you believe in solar parts?

Do you have faith in solar parts? Would you like to invest in it if you can see its return? Let us know what you think of the principle!

Source: HLN