If it depends on Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein, we will soon be using twice as much solar and wind energy. Moreover, according to him, it is perfectly feasible and affordable to achieve this by 2030. This was read in De Standaard.

More solar and wind energy perfectly achievable

Last Friday, during the presentation of the Flemish energy and climate plan for 2020 to 2030 , Tommelein threw   this for the first time on the table at the Flemish Government. The climate plan must be ready by the end of July, because it must then be submitted to the European Commission. 

Ambitious oplan

The plan shows that by 2030 the intention is to generate more than twice as much solar and wind energy: 6.7 GW or solar energy and 2.5 GW or wind. Good for more than 30% more energy than in 2020. An ambitious challenge, which the minister apparently wants to take on. 

The plan also stated that Tommelein is counting on an energy saving of 16%. A saving that must come for a large part of the families. According to the minister, savings or up to 27% in homes are possible. Then we will all really have to use energy more efficiently .

Flanders is taking the lead in the field of solar and wind energy

The proposal shows that with the generation of 6.7 GW from solar panels, Flanders would take on the fixed majority of the proposed 8 GW for Belgium. The N-VA no longer agrees and wants Wallonia to be encouraged to make more efforts. Moreover, they point out that Flanders will have to start with a backlog, because the 2020 targets will not be fully achieved. According to Tommelein, the plan is already perfectly feasible and a study by the Flemish Energy Agency shows that .

Required by Europe

Efforts are needed to reach the European target or 32 percent renewable energy and 32.5 percent more energy efficiency. Yet Tommelein does not want to force families too hard and not to tackle companies too strongly, so that they flee our country.

Save yourself?

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